Sewer rehabilitation and renovation

Cosmic provides a complete system for non disruptive, punctual sewer rehabilitation or sewer renovation and robot technique. The operation area involves a Storm water sewer and drain, Oil- and Gaspipelines, chemical Tubing, Aerating pipes, etc.

The System is able to inspect, analyse, document, mill, clean and repair damaged sewer pipes and laterals by using a patent glass fibre laminate, TopHats, Short liner and Liner.

The GRP material is non-shrinking and self-supporting. 

The TopHat System has a DIBt license.


  • non disruptive rehabilitation - renovation
  • no traffic jam
  • no road barrier
  • only few sewer bypasses
  • statically self-supporting
  • tested bonding for 50 years
  • the same basic material for TopHats, Short liner laminate and Liner laminate
  • no dangerous goods
  • no liquid resign on the job-site
  • the resign can not be flushed away from pushing groudwater, it is elastic "Prepeg"
  • the resign can not be mixed with water and doesn't get into the ground water