Cosmic TopHat system C120E

The rehabilitation happens by a remote-controlled rehabilitation robot which goes into the canal system via the sewer shaft. The TOP-HAT-system is the fastest rehabilitation system worldwide.

A damaged spot can be repaired from the inside within 12 to 15 minutes. The cure time of the formed parts does only take 10 minutes so that the canal doesn't have to be diverted.

Basic Equipment

Control unit             Cable winch                    Crawler


Cutter application         UV-LED application         Camera                 Hopper-unit       

Root-cutter                 Egg-profil

The refitting of the C120E - rehabilitation robot for the single work steps does always only take a couple of minutes. All of the applications on the robot can be easily took off and installed again.

The perfect sewer rehabilitation requires a flawless coordination of the rehabilitation robot, the applications, the work steps and the rehabilitation-method.

The TopHat-system offers this benefit. You do always get the rehabilitation equipment and materials from one source - the Austrian high-techfactory Cosmic Engineering GmbH whose products are patented pan-European and/or worldwide.