Cosmic B100

Cosmic gained by the long-standing development and installation during the last 15 years of TopHat Hat and TopHat Shortliner a lot of experience in the sewer rehabilitation. Cosmic is further very successful in the market with the installation of wrinkle-free huts also on the first arch (bow).

After a 6-year development in the range of home renovation, we succeeded to produce a special fiberglass liner, which is stretchable in all directions. This liner consists of ECR glass impregnated with a Polyester or vinyl ester resin. The technology joins consistently with TopHat-Hat and TopHat-Short liner.

The use of a special web-reversal technology has enabled us to build a home port liner, which is to install on almost wrinkle-free arches (bows), and on top of that the liner can be cured with UV light. The advantage of UV light technology is essentially that

  • the impregnation takes not at the building site place, but already in the production at movement. 
  • the resin is gelled and therefore running out the resin is prevented (no dangerous goods) 
  • and at the building site only the installation work has to be done.